Primary Students

The concept of schooling from home is going to be new for staff, students and parents alike.  It is going to require us to think very differently about what is “The Norm.”  The learning that is taking place at school or at home will be as closely linked. We will be providing hardcopies of materials for those without access to internet at home. Creating a calm, predictable environment is the most important thing at this time.  The partnership between the child, teacher and family is critical and communication between us all will be important as we support each other through this new way of learning.  Listed below is some important information to help you prepare for learning at home for Term 2. We will be using Seesaw as the primary means of communication and Padlet as the means of sharing learning opportunities.

Supporting learning from home

  • Daily checking of Seesaw messages.
  • Accessing the Padlet for learning opportunities.
  • Encouraging and supporting your child to engage with the learning opportunities.
  • Creating a comfortable learning space for your and ensuring they have all the materials they need for their learning eg, pencils, exercise book, device etc. Where possible have this in an area of the house where you can support your child as required and supervise their engagement.
  • Making sure you contact your child’s class teacher with any questions to support their learning as often as required. There is no such thing as a ‘silly’ question!


Learning Platform and Resources

  • Padlet : The Padlet is simply an electronic page that will have a range of learning opportunities for your child to engage with across the week. To support thinking and learning there will be links to such things as videos, books, templates and worked examples.
  • Each week there will be a new Padlet shared with families on a Monday morning
  • Follow  to see what the K-6 Padlets will look like.
  • Some physical resources have already gone out to Year 3-6 families as previously advertised in the Schoolzine App.
  • Additional learning materials such as dice, cards and counters will be distributed for K-6 families at the beginning of next term when we have received them from our suppliers. Further information will be provided.