Secondary Students

During Term 2, Penguin District School Secondary Campus will support parents and guardians by leading and supporting Learning from Home and Learning at School. There will be consistent concepts and learning opportunities for all students.  Timetables for each year level have been constructed to offer a wide variety of learning opportunities across all curriculum areas. 

Supporting learning from home

School –

  • To provide structured and open ended learning opportunities for students to be able to access Learning from Home and Learning at School (online or offline).
  • To provide timetabled access to teachers (see below timetable section) for students to gain assistance and guidance with their learning in class or via Microsoft Teams at home.
  • To communicate regularly with families to assist in monitoring learning.

Parents –

  • To provide a suitable space for students to learn when Learning from Home
  • To communicate any concerns relating to their child’s learning with the school via email 

Student –

  • As they are able, access their learning program as outlined in the timetable below
  • To request assistance from their teachers when needed in Microsoft Teams


  • Bulk communication to parent community will be done through SZapp, newsletter, emails
  • Teachers and students will communicate directly, and in subject groups, within Microsoft Teams (MS Teams)
  • Teachers will communicate with parents via email or phone
  • Learning from Home parents will be contacted regularly by a staff member to monitor access and support
  • Parents can communicate with specific teachers via email, or through the school administration
  • Teaching staff email list

Learning Platforms

  • Year 7 to 10 students will use MS Teams, Office 365 and email for electronic communication (these are available through mobile phone, tablet, iPad, or computer)    How to access your email and Office 365 from home
  • Students will have an MS Team for each of their subjects. For example 7 English, 7 Maths etc. This will allow for regular timetabled access to teacher support and learning resources.   Signing into Teams for the first time
  • Parents can monitor these via their child’s login if required.
  • Physical learning packs will be provided for all students. Additional physical resources will be available for off line students who are Learning from Home.

Learning Resources

  • Every student will receive a physical learning pack for Term 2. These packs will be delivered to families on Monday 27 April
  • A weekly drop off and collection service will be provided by the school for the distribution and collection of resources and student work - throughout Term 2.

Timetables and Routines

  • Year 7 - 10 students will have timetabled access to teachers for English, Maths, HASS, Science, Health, Physical Education and Applied Learnings. Please see sample timetables below.
  • Year 7 and 8 Applied Learnings will be multi grade (7/8) - Year 7/8 students will study 5 of the following:
    • Visual Arts, Performing Arts, MDT, Food and Fibre, ICT, Production, and Athlete Development Program (pre-selected students only).
  • The three lines of Year 9 and 10 Applied Learnings will continue.
    • Full Year courses – Sports Science, Maths Methods, Woodwork, Music, Photography.
    • Half Year courses – Forensic Science, Catering, Sport and Recreation, ICT, Metalwork, LOTE
    • Term based courses – Inquiry, Active, Creative Writing, Production, Athlete Development Program (pre-selected students only).

Please note –

Year 7 and 8 students have been pre-allocated to these Applied Learnings from their existing subject selections from Term 1. 

Year 9 and 10 Full Year and Half Year courses are pre-allocated.  Term Based course selection will occur via a form emailed directly to Year 9 and 10 student emails.

Full Year Community Service Applied Learning has been replaced with Photography.

Year 7 Term 2 Timetable

Year 8 Term 2 Timetable

Year 9 Term 2 Timetable

Year 10 Term 2 Timetable