Year 11 and 12

Supporting learning from home

Year 11/12 students are able to continue their learning programs in a supported capacity remotely from home in accordance with the Tasmanian Government’s Stay Home Save Lives directive or, if unable to do so, within the school setting.


Teachers of Year 11/12 students will be available to provide continued teaching and learning opportunities during each of the timetabled lessons, or as required – either through Canvas or MS Teams online, by phone or in person where necessary.

Learning Platforms

Students in Year 11/12 can have direct access to their programs and teachers through Canvas and MS Teams.

Learning Resources

  • Some courses might look a little different during this time period. Courses that traditionally used practical and hands-on activities as their core curriculum might have structural changes and offer modified tasks to suit.
  • Additional resources needed to satisfy course changes will be arranged by the school. Where needed, supplies and resourcing can be delivered to the student at their location of study.
  • Where students are unable to work from a remote location, the resources of their school classroom continue to remain available – unless otherwise advised.

Timetables and Routines

Year 11/12 students will receive and use a revised timetable for Term 2. Regular ‘check ins’ from their teachers through the communication methods outlined will ensure that routines are kept and task loads managed effectively.

Year 11 and 12 Term 2 Timetable