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School Production

 A school musical production with performers from Year 6 to Year 10 students is produced bi-annually and staged at the Leven Theatre, Ulverstone. Our next production is due in 2022.

The 2022 Penguin District School production of Rapunzel: A Tangled Hairy-Tale is crammed to the brim with action, humour and toe-tapping tunes which will really get you letting your hair down! Rapunzel sits in her tower day after day with only the voices in her head for company, dreaming of escape. But the village below is hardly any safer! Ruled over by the malevolent Dr Grimm, the people are subdued by the magical properties of Rapunzel’s hair which also, conveniently, produce the best fruit and vegetables in the kingdom. Only a rag-tag team consisting of a retired fairy, a bumbling prince, a whacky hairdresser and an anti-vegetable crusader can save Rapunzel and the village from the cunning Dr Grimm. But will our story have a happy ending? After all, it’s not a fairy-tale… more of a… hairy-tale!
Tickets are now on sale the general public.

Past productions include:

  • 1977  Evening of drama
  • 1983 The Racket
  • 1985 The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly (Theatre Restaurant)
  • 1987 Bats
  • 1991 Rock Eisteddfod - The Exterminator
  • 1992 Rock Eisteddfod - Olympics
  • 1993 Rock Eisteddfod - Ice and Sun
  • 1994 Rock Eisteddfod - We've Paved Paradise
  • 1995 Rock Eisteddfod - Communication Breakdown
  • 1996 Rock Eisteddfod - Ali Baba
  • 1997 Rock Eisteddfod - Hey There Little Red
  • 1998 Rock Eisteddfod - Anna's Story
  • 2000 Man of Steel
  • 2006 Back To The 80s
  • 2008 Disco Inferno
  • 2010 Grease
  • 2012 Back To The 80s
  • 2016 Popstars
  • 2018 Anastasia
  • 2020 Phantom Of The Talent Factor
  • 2022 Rapunzel A Tangled Hairy Tale